1. Reset: Post Mortem

    In the future, our most intimate relations will be those with whom we share our source code.

  2. A Short Lesson in Perspective

    It is possible to get so busy digging a hole that you don’t have time to take stock of how deep you’re in it.

  3. 3600 Hours

    For four years I lived a second life in the World of Warcraft. It was my solace and my burden, my pride and my shame. It was a lot of things, but probably not what you’d think.

  4. Pump Six

    Our species can barely handle the present day: how the hell are we going to handle the future?

  5. Stochastic Planet

    Random teleportation can provide a healthy dose of perspective.

  6. The History of Rome

    Reflections on a 74-hour podcast about 1,000 years of Roman history.

  7. Timeline of the Far Future

    We are to the timeline of the universe as the blink of an ant’s eye is to the history of our species.

  8. Happy, the Movie

    Happiness is not a goal to be attained, but a skill which takes practice.

  9. Terminal World

    What if disturbances in the fabric of spacetime enforced technological disparities between parts of a city?

  10. Manna: Two Visions of Humanity’s Future

    Technology will render human toil unnecessary; whether that renders humans unnecessary is up to us.

  11. Sight

    In the future, everything can be a game, but should it?

  12. Embassytown

    Language is power.

  13. The Information Diet

    You are what your brain eats.

  14. The Nature of Economies

    Human economies are natural processes like any other, so we should look to nature for the principles that govern the economies that govern our lives.

  15. The Omnivore’s Dilemma

    What should we eat?

  16. The Prodigal God

    If you are saved not by works but by grace, then you shouldn't fault others for not living up to your works.

  17. Life, Inc.

    The ground rules of our society—which we largely take for granted as natural, neutral, and immutable—in fact came out of specific historical moments to serve particular agendas.

  18. Bad Thoughts for a Better Life

    Three techniques for harnessing bad thoughts into the service of better emotional hygiene

  19. 26

    On the occasion of my birthday once more, and limits

  20. Lying

    Are we ever justified in lying?

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