Thoughts on Media

  1. Black Mirror

    Does technology amplify the ugliest aspects of humanity, or merely reveal them?

  2. The Information Diet

    You are what your brain eats.

  3. Within The Context of No Context

    We sign contracts with our attention, the terms of which we haven't read.

  4. Eating the Dinosaur

    As a species, we have never been less human than we are right now.

  5. True Enough

    Due to flaws in our perception and the money to be made by exploiting them, you have to work really hard to live in the real world nowadays, so most of us don't.

  6. Mediated

    Life is a supermarket.

  7. Amusing Ourselves to Death

    To *muse* is to think, and just as to be amoral is to be not moral, to be amused is to be not thinking. Of the media we consume, how much of it is designed to get us thinking, and how much is designed to amuse us?

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