Thoughts on Humanity

  1. Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

    Cooking made us human, and continues to remind us of what that means.

  2. 30

    On two birthdays.

  3. When We Build

    “We make our world what it is, and we become the kind of people who live in it.”

  4. The Left Hand of Darkness

    You can learn a lot from what makes you uncomfortable, if you can just get over that discomfort.

  5. Pump Six

    Our species can barely handle the present day: how the hell are we going to handle the future?

  6. The Most Human Human

    Trying to make computers pass as human can tell us a good bit about what it means to be human in the first place.

  7. You Are Not a Gadget

    All technologies have an implicit model of what a user is, and the more we use them, the less we can help living up to however much or little they expect of us.

  8. A Week at the Airport

    Who we are at the airport is who we truly are.

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