1. When We Build

    “We make our world what it is, and we become the kind of people who live in it.”

  2. The Righteous Mind

    Morality is more than just right and wrong: its the evolutionary result of a range of competing moral intuitions. The failure to appreciate this is a major cause of political partisanship and deadlock.

  3. Experiment #1: No Coffee or Alcohol

    I enjoy caffeine and alcohol for their symbolic as well as chemical effects, but giving them up for six weeks wasn’t as difficult as I’d imagined, and even felt good.

  4. 29

    On the completion of my 29th year of life.

  5. Religion for Atheists

    Religions have survived and thrived because of a deep understanding of our human nature. The secular world should not abandon that wisdom because of a minor quibble over the definition of a soul.

  6. The Peripheral

    Might catastrophe be used as a form of population control?

  7. Collapse

    When civilizations collapse from environmental degradation, it's often because they're unable to reconcile their values with those required for adaptation.

  8. Being Mortal

    Like technology today, medicine is great at optimizing for simple, narrow goals, but human beings need more.

  9. Three Parts Dead

    With philosophical and theological intrigue, a critique of late capitalism, and a badass female protagonist, Max Gladstone’s debut is unlike any fantasy novel I’ve ever read, and in all the right ways.

  10. The 48 Laws of Power

    Power is a game of options.

  11. Experiments

    Life is too important not to experiment on.

  12. Madness, Rack, and Honey

    We must waste what little time we can with all our heart.

  13. Citizenship is the Right to Have Rights

    Is citizenship really priceless?

  14. The Alchemist

    Societies and individuals obey different, sometimes conflicting, moral systems.

  15. The Nature of Privilege

    Privilege is less about perks you receive than about problems you don't have.

  16. Debt: The First 5,000 Years

    Debt has been transformed from something that ties us together into something that isolates and alienates us.

  17. The House of Medici

    Sometimes, it is better to be influential than powerful.

  18. The Drunkard’s Walk

    We’re naturally poor judges of probability. Correcting our flawed intuitions about chance would leave us feeling less guilty, more grateful, and generally happier.

  19. Anathem

    Information wants to be promiscuous.

  20. The Epic of Gilgamesh

    A lot has changed since humans first settled down, but some basic things about who and what we are have not.

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