Thoughts on Values

  1. Religion for Atheists

    Religions have survived and thrived because of a deep understanding of our human nature. The secular world should not abandon that wisdom because of a minor quibble over the definition of a soul.

  2. Collapse

    When civilizations collapse from environmental degradation, it's often because they're unable to reconcile their values with those required for adaptation.

  3. Being Mortal

    Like technology today, medicine is great at optimizing for simple, narrow goals, but human beings need more.

  4. Throne of the Crescent Moon

    Good fiction can transport you from your own time and place; better fiction can dislodge you from your own culture, as well.

  5. Navigating Stuckness

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

  6. The Closing of the American Mind

    Convictions are forged in argument, values forged in conflict. If we act as if everyone is entitled not only to one's opinion, but entitled not to be challenged on it, then we deprive ourselves and each other of the possibility of forming real convictions and values.

  7. Eating the Dinosaur

    As a species, we have never been less human than we are right now.

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