Thoughts on Philosophy

  1. Free Will

    Far from being essential to our humanity, the belief in free will holds us back from being more humane and pragmatic.

  2. Superintelligence

    Artificial superintelligence poses the greatest threat to our species, a threat we had better start addressing soon if we're to have any hope of addressing it at all.

  3. When Nietzsche Wept

    Obsession is never about the thing you're obsessed with.

  4. A Week at the Airport

    Who we are at the airport is who we truly are.

  5. The Emperor's Handbook

    “Nothing outside the mind can disturb it.”

  6. The Architecture of Happiness

    Who and how we are depend in some measure on where we are.

  7. The Consolations of Philosophy

    Philosophy can be practical and philosophers can be badasses.

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